Apologies to anyone who was trying to download an entry from in the last couple of weeks and couldn’t because the site was password protected.  I don’t know how this happened but I probably messed it up last time I was on – sorry.   Anyway, our computer expert Lesley Muir has fixed the problem and we’re back on track.  Thanks Lesley.

Less than a month now to the Half Marathon and we’ve already got more entries than last year so if you’re planning to do the run please get in touch as soon as you can.  There’s no limit on numbers, yet, but it would help if we had an idea of how many folk there’ll be so we can sort out food, etc.  There’s no bar in the hall after the race this year but there will be free hot food for all the runners; everyone else will need to pay a few quid but it’s all for a good cause.

Good luck with the training.

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  1. Kevin Pollock

    Hi Angus. I ran the first 5 miles of the route yesterday. Lovely. Mind you that 2nd hill looks testing. Myself and Julie Stewart (sister in law) looking forward to it but I think her partner, Craig Fitzpatrick will not be running so you can omit him in terms of numbers. Kevin

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    • angusmacleod96

      Hi Kevin
      Sorry to hear that Craig’s not running. And yes, that second hill is a killer.

  2. Hi guys, was wondering if there were going to be any water stations at your event or should I come prepared?

    • angusmacleod96

      Hi Kathy.
      Yes, there will be three water stations on the course roughly four miles apart, and on the playing field at the finish. There will also be soup and hot-dogs for all the runners in the Community Hall.

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