Rules & Safety

We don’t have a load of heavy rules and regulations except of course everyone involved sharing responsibility for sensible attention to health and safety of themselves and other runners and road-users at all times.

The route is marshalled (including water provision points) and is all single-track metalled road approx 4.5 – 5 metres wide.

A First Responder van with volunteer First Response personnel, oxygen, defibrillator, water and space blanket will be close at hand as will local Coastguard members and vehicle.

Medical Info

A local team of two First Responders will be on duty in their van for the duration of the event. Their equipment includes a defibrillator and oxygen and they have direct phone contact with Ambulance HQ.

We would like you to be aware of an excellent online facility that provides important medical information relating to running. It also offers assistance with preparation for your race, so please visit the Runners’ Medical Resource.


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