Placings 2014

Coigach Half Marathon 2014 Results! Well done all runners.

1 Ross Campbell 79.50

2 Scott Bradley 80.51

3 Calum Macleod 89.53

4 Ryan Mackenzie 91.37

5 Brian Marshall 93.01

6 Alan McIntyre 93.35

7 Christopher Macleod 94.03

8 Richard Roberts 95.43

9 Alan Johnstone 97.23

10 Shona Irvine 98.29

11 Jean-Marc Lawton 98.33

12 Katie Forsyth 98.33

13 Graham Alexander 98.52

14 Alistair Baxter 99.33

15 Gordie Taylor 1h 40m 39s

16 Stewart Keir 1h 41m 39s

16 Alastair Smith 1n 41m 39s

18 David Jones 1h 44m 7s

19 Gill Irvine 1h 49m 42s

20 Sophie Williams 1h 50m 1s

21 Melanie Gaff 1h 51m 15s

22 Scott Macleod 1h 53m 36s

23 Antony MacDougal 1h 56m 11s

24 Graham Gowrie 1h 56m 16s

25 Andy Todd 1h 56m 21s

26 Hamish Irvine 1h 58m 6s

27 Barry Strain 2h 15s

28 Mark Irvine 2h 24s

29 Annie Johnstone 2h 2m 53s

30 Gita Erram 2h 3m 21s

31 Marina Taylor 2h 6m 55s

32 Duncan Macaskill 2h 7m 25s

33 Alex McInnes 2h 7m 51s

34 Daniel Kershaw 2h 8m 41s

35 Carol Rattenbury 2h 10m 42s

36 Angus Macleod 2h 10 52s

37 Douglas Harding 2h 11m 9s

38 Lorna Elcock 2h 20m 24s

39 Atholl Hay 2h 27m 26s

40 Victoria McCain 2h 45m 32s






2 thoughts on “Placings 2014

  1. Really enjoyed the day, it is a good challenging course but the number of people out shouting and encouraging you along including the very uplifting sound of the bagpipes put the icing on the cake. I will definitely be back, thank you for a superb and welcoming day in your community.

    1. Glad you enjoyed our great wee Coigach Half-Marathon, Alex. We will be glad to welcome you and your friends back next year. Book a local holiday cottage and stay for the week! Always lots going on …or just enjoy the amazing scenery and our friendly community!

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